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This summer has been so full. Full of joy, full of love, full of God’s grace and mercy. The sun calles me out of doors everytime it shines. The drizzly days have been full of happy craftiness, giving my home the deep cleaning it deserves, and discovering more and more of God’s gentle love between the covers of my favorite book. That has become the most joyous part of my day. Basking in the glow of God’s love and faithfulness. Its like sunshine times a million. I wish you all a summer full of God’s glorious “sonshine!”

P.S. Just so you know about the pictures, Rob made our Sunday afternoon lunch and has officially been crowned the master salmon griller of the world:)

Sunny Sunday

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Literal translation: my half of an orange

Spanish meaning: my soulmate, other half


He is so easy to love.

Rob quote: (right after walking in the door from work)  “Sweetheart, love is like socks.  It takes two and they have to match.  Will you be my valentine?”