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We have been crazy working people at my house lately.  Mom and I spent two nights getting these all canned.


Rob’s 30th birthday is coming up next Saturday. So I have been sending out invitations, planing menus, etc. (OOooo this is going to be fun! I’m so excited for it:)


I am getting ready to have a little weekend get away with my mom.  We are driving to Minnesota to visit my moms 94 year old aunt.  We are going to scan all the family pictures and get all the information about  them from her.  Along with any stories etc. that she feels like sharing.


And in amongst all the crazyness, God likes to send me little messages like stop and smell the flowers…literally.  This was a special delivery at work the other day.

My absolute favorite flower.  Stop and smell the flowers today, okay. It’ll all get done, I promise.


An amazing bunch of ladies whom I have come to know through in this bloggy world had and idea one day.  They thought we could throw a surprise baby shower for a wonderfully lovely lady named Leslie and her soon to be family of four.  And they let the rest of us in on the idea!  So tonight is the big night and I think everyone is about to burst with excitement!  If you want to check out this group of phenomenal women, just have a peak here.




    In one way or another, you have touched the life of every woman that was a part of this bloggity baby shower.  Your love, joy, and courage are certainly an inspiration to me.  I love the inspiration that I get from you blog and just the fact that you are so real.  Thanks for being such a wonderful part of my days and congratulations on the arrival of Mr. Cade. I couldn’t be any happier for you and I’ve been praying like crazy for you and your family.



The conversation went a little something like this:


I pick up my cell phone.

Me: Hey sweetheart.

Rob: Hi hon, what are you doing?

Me: I’m just out and about with Rusti. What are you doing?

Rob: I got home a few minutes ago.

Me: Have you been in the computer room?

Rob: Ahh, yea.

Me: Did you see it?

Rob: That old crusty ladder?

Me: Old crusty ladder!?!? It’s magnificent!

Rob: Oh…okay.



I’m not sure that Rob has caught the vision yet.  I have wanted an old ladder for my guest bedroom since we moved into this house.  I saw an entire article about old ladders in a decorating magazine while waiting in a doctor’s office once. Gorgeous!  Now I just need to get my guest bedroom set up…

Sweater: All full of cuteness and ready to send off:D

Me: Happy, happy, happy











too cute to pass up

couldn’t believe I found them

flea market




purple polka dot tea cup

pink ruffly plates

The time certainly does fly:) 

In my neck of the woods:

-It is 40+ degrees outside (YES)

-I am finished lesson planing

-Chaucer has certainly made a full recovery:P

puppy in chair fully recovered

-Crafting, crafting, crafting… I have even been contemplating making an etsy shop of my own. I’ve got to do something with all this stuff, but oh how I l-o-v-e making it:)

baby booties green orange new

-getting to see friend with sweet precious adorable new baby

-being a cuddle bug with my sweetheart…I absolutely adore Sundays

National Craft Month, some of the ladies over at domestic bliss would like to share with you one craft per week for the month of March.  I decided to do something small to start out with, and I think everything is just a little bit cuter when it is small:)  Anyone remember those slippers I made?  Well here is the smaller version.

baby booties pink brown 1st pair

This entire new line of clothes!!

flowered skirt down east basics

I want this skirt so bad…

yellow polka dot top down east basics

Everything is just so delicious to look at.  You can find them here.